Jen and Bill claim their 18-year-old daughter, Emma, is addicted to marijuana. “She’s, she’s said as much. Not that she’s addicted - but that she needs that to function on a normal level on a daily basis,” says Bill.

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Jen says Emma has anxiety, depression, and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. “It’s heartbreaking,” she says.

The couple says they give Emma the medication that she was prescribed to treat her issues, but claim she also chooses to self-medicate with “weed,” and they can’t stop her.

Jen insists they’ve been trying to get Emma to stop using “for years” but claims Emma says it helps her live the way she’s “supposed to.”

When Dr. Phil tells them, “You’ve got the tail wagging the dog,” how do Bill and Jen respond?

Also, tune in to part one of this two-part episode on Wednesday to learn what Emma and her younger sister, Meredith, say happened when they got into a physical altercation - with each other.

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