Jai says he’s a rageaholic who has been dealing with depression and abandonment issues since his parents divorced when he was a child. “Not having a father around my whole life, I never had anyone to discipline me or keep me in check. My mom never did,” he says. Jai admits he stays stoned 24/7 to combat his rage.

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Jai’s mother, Amy, admits she has spoiled her only child because he’s been through a lot, including two life-threatening illnesses since he turned 18. She claims that Jai plays video games all day, refuses to get his GED or find a job and also says he smokes too much marijuana.

WATCH ‘I Just Try To Stay High All Day Long,’ Says 20-Year-Old

Noting that Jai has been self-medicating Dr. Phil says, “It’s dysfunctional, but it’s not totally irrational to seek some way to put yourself in check.”

When Dr. Phil refers Jai to the Pace Recovery Center, an exclusive, gender-specific, extended care, mental health, alcohol and drug rehab for men struggling with mental health and behavioral issues; will he accept the offer of help?

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