After struggling with alcoholism for years, Todd Herzog, who gained fame when he won Survivor: China in 2007 gets another lifeline from Dr. Phil.

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil explains, "You just don't ever surrender to the disease. It's like you're in a tug of war. The disease is on that end and we're on this end. I'm just not ever going to drop my end of the rope because when you do that the disease wins ... That's just simply not something I'm willing to do."

WATCH: Dr. Phil's Fight For ‘Survivor’ Todd Herzog Sobriety -- And His Life

Herzog says through tears, "I don't want it to take my life."

"We're going to start with getting you detoxed in a medically supervised way," explains Dr. Phil, who partners with Origins Behavioral Healthcare and its recovery professionals. Watch more on Wednesday's show when Herzog comes to Dr. Phil just hours after having a blood alcohol level of .32 and being in the emergency room with seizures.

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