Bree says she used to have an extremely close relationship with her father, David, until he recently became engaged to Brooke. The 19-year-old says she felt hurt and "blindsided" when she learned through social media that her father proposed to his 24-year-old girlfriend and that he didn’t tell her face-to-face, and that he only asked her to be a part of their wedding two days before they came to Dr. Phil for help with their relationship.

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David says he feels caught in between his daughter and Brooke. He admits that he would rather “put his head in the sand” than have an uncomfortable conversation with his daughter.

Dr. Phil offers father and daughter advice for moving forward and rebuilding their once-close bond.

“What I need for you to understand is that your dad has an account that he loves you from. It’s a fatherly love account that he has for his daughter. And how much he loves Brooke does not affect how much he loves you,” Dr. Phil tells Bree. “Do not put up a wall because he’s making a decision you don’t like. You can love him and not love every decision he makes.”

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To David, he says, “Quit being a worm and digging your head in the sand, and be up front with your daughter about what’s going on.”

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday. Check here to see where you can watch.

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