Jan says she cut ties with her 15-year-old granddaughter, Madison, two-and-a-half years ago, claiming that’s when the teenager’s behaviors started to change. Madison’s parents, Tom and Karen, claim she smokes “dope,” destroys their property and has been charged with domestic battery – among other things.

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On Thursday’s episode, Dr. Phil presents a recent text exchange between Jan and Madison. In it, Madison says to her grandmother, “You’re a worthless, lying, devious piece of [expletive]. It’s all you’ve ever been and all you’ll ever be. Don’t text me, you’re beneath me, stupid [expletive].”

“You’re letting the child set the tone – set the rhetoric,” says Dr. Phil to Tom, Karen, and Jan. It’s like we’re all lost out in the forest and we huddle up and say, ‘OK, who’s the most confused, disoriented, lost person here?’ And this person raises their hand you say, ‘OK, we’ll follow you.’ We’ve got the most immature person in the group and we’re going to let her set the tone.”

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