Carla once testified that her boyfriend, Ron, harmed their infant daughter, Vittoria, but now she claims if he did hurt her, it was an accident. Ron spent six years in jail for assaulting the baby, but he insists he didn’t hurt her. Vittoria, who is now 12, suffered multiple fractures, abrasions, bruises and brain hemorrhages all before she 4 months old.

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Carla and Ron have been dating again since 2017. Carla’s older daughter, Alyssa, who says she knows what it’s like to grow up without a father says, “I want Vittoria to have supervised visits. I want her father in her life.” But, she says, she hasn’t forgiven Ron for what he did to Vittoria and wants Carla to give up her romantic relationship with him.

“It’s like my grandmother said, If they want to be together, they will wait until the children are grown,” she says in the video above.

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On Monday’s Dr. Phil, Ron claims the 18-year-old is jealous of the time he spends with Carla and that she is “definitely trying to destroy” his relationship with Vittoria.

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When Dr. Phil asks Carla, “Does it matter to you whether he’s guilty or not?” does she continue to defend the man she calls the love of her life?

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