Amanda says that ever since her father died three years ago, she’s been determined to prove that he was murdered. She says her father, who was suffering from pulmonary fibrosis, went into the hospital for shortness of breath and two weeks later, he was dead.

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Dr. Phil asked cardiologist Joel Kahn to give his thoughts on the medical records and autopsy reports, and he says, according to them, Amanda’s father died of natural causes. However, Amanda says she still has questions.

“I think you had unfinished emotional business with your father,” Dr. Phil tells the young woman. “I fear that you have the belief that if you ever let this go, you’re letting him go.”

“I want answers,” she replies.

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“You did your due diligence. And, you can look him in the eye, spiritually, and say, ‘I did my homework to make sure nobody jacked with you, Dad. I did my homework and I’m at peace that I did my homework,’” Dr. Phil says. “’I’m at peace that you went for the right reasons at the right time. And, I realize letting that investigation go is not letting you go.’”

He offers to provide Amanda with professional help so she can work through her emotions.

This episode airs Tuesday. Watch more here.

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