Charie claims that after her son, Dylan, went to prison for a gun incident, she was allowed frequent contact with her grandson. Now, she says, her former daughter-in-law has completely cut her out of the child’s life.

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Alexa says she stopped allowing Charie to have access to the boy because she won’t accept Dylan’s responsibility in the gun incident and blames her for his actions.

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Charie claims that Alexa emotionally and physically abused Dylan. She’s also accusing her ex-daughter-in-law of abusing her grandson, which Alexa categorically denies. Charie says she’s ready to take her former daughter-in-law to court to petition for her Grandparents’ rights.

Dr. Phil asks Charie if she believes her grandson should be removed from his mother’s care, saying, “If you do think that, and you don’t report it, then that’s negligence on your part as a grandparent.”

“Right,” she replies.

Continuing, he says, “If you don’t think it, and you’re just using it as ammunition to fortify your position and weaken hers, that is very easy to determine. And you can wind up not only having your rights limited, but terminated.”

What proof does Charie claim she has that Alexa is abusing her child?

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