Ryan says his friend, Michelle left him a diamond ring and an expensive car when she died. Ryan also says, he had no idea Michelle had an identical twin until Suzanne contacted him to let him know she’s the executor of Michelle’s will.

Suzanne says she fell in love with Ryan, and wants to marry him. He claims he’s playing along with Suzanne’s romantic fantasies “to an extent” until he finally receives the items Michelle bequeathed him, which Suzanne has repeatedly refused to turn over.

Ryan doesn’t know Michelle and Suzanne weren’t twins – or even sisters; but on Dr. Phil, her story starts to unrave

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“We’ve been all over social media, we’ve gotten stuff from you, we’ve never seen a picture of you with your sister,” says Dr. Phil in the video above.

“I could not find our family photos in time,” says Suzanne. When she’s unable to produce any images of herself alongside the woman she claims was her identical twin; every explanation she offers leads to more questions.

Click here to discover where you can watch part one of this fascinating two-part Dr. Phil. On Wednesday’s episode, find out whether the document Suzanne claims is Michelle’s Last Will and Testament holds up under professional scrutiny.