Rachel says her husband, Tommy, falsely accuses her of cheating on him and has even falsely accused her of hiring a hitman to kill him. She denies the allegations and says they drive her to drink to excess. Rachel says she drinks up to three pints of alcohol a day, and when she isn’t drinking, she’s sleeping.
Tommy admits he enables his wife’s drinking by buying her alcohol but says it’s so she doesn’t get hurt trying to get more. “I 100% enable my wife’s drinking,” he says. “I tell Rachel that I despise the drinking and I think it’s bad for her and hate every part of it.”

Dr. Phil reviews Rachel’s drinking pattern and how it affects her blood alcohol level throughout the day.
He tells her that by the end of the day, there’s a high possibility of death. “Your brain shuts down your respiratory system, and so it will forget to breathe,” Dr. Phil says.
Hear more of Dr. Phil’s warning for Rachel – and his important advice for Tommy – in the video above.
Is Rachel ready to quit drinking? And, does Tommy recognize his accusations against his wife are not true? See what happens on Friday’s episode, "'My Wife Hired a Hitman.'" Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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