Angie, a Dr. Phil co-executive producer, says she got a puppy, Lewis, during the pandemic but hasn’t had the time to train him, which she says makes it challenging to take him for a walk.
“When he sees another dog, he wants to go chase after him. If he sees somebody on a motorcycle or bicycle, he starts barking and wants to go after them,” Angie says.

Watch in the extended video above as Jas Leverette, star of the Netflix show Canine Intervention and owner and operator of California K9 Solutions, aka Cali K9, trains Lewis.
On Thursday's episode, “Disturbing Pet Trends,” hear from a woman who was robbed and pistol-whipped in her home as her dog was stolen. And, another woman shares how she and her small dog were attacked by a pit bull and Akita while out for a walk. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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