Joselyn says her teenage son, Rakim’s, behavior has been “challenging” for years and that it has escalated during the pandemic. She claims that he drinks alcohol, vapes, takes things without permission, and refuses to listen to her. Rakim claims his mother is “explosive,” “out of control,” and frequently tells him that she hates him.

Rakim’s father, Robert, says that he has talked to Rakim about his behavior but claims Joselyn refuses to recognize her role in the situation.

“You can’t openly mock a kid and disrespect him and then expect him to respect you,” says Robert. “What kind of example are you showing him by disrespecting him?”

Dr. Michele Borba, a child behavioral expert and author of the book “Thrivers: The Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle and Others Shine,” says, “Unfortunately, there are no takebacks when it comes to parenting. You’ve got to get this one right, now.”

When Dr. Phil says, “You need to recognize that you don’t need to love everything about someone to love them,” how does Joselyn respond?

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WATCH: Teen Claims Mom Is ‘Explosive, Out Of Control, Radical, And Not Understanding.’ She Claims He Refuses To Listen

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