Olivia and her mother, Julia, say they are fighting to get Olivia’s daughter back from her adoptive mother. They say that when they were found living in a car in 2008, Olivia, 15 at the time, her newborn baby, and her sister were placed into foster care – and soon thereafter, Olivia claims her infant daughter was illegally taken from her by authorities and placed for adoption.

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Olivia says that for the past five years, she’s been fighting to see Evelyn. She claims that the adoptive mother, Jyllian, promised to remain in contact with her, but Olivia claims she’s emailed and called Jyllian with no response.

Jyllian adamantly denies making any such promise to Olivia. “After the adoption, it was my choice to not have any contact with Olivia. It was 100 percent up to me,” Jyllian says. “I wasn’t going to have a mother, biological or not, in and out of my child’s life.”

Jyllian claims that she is now being harassed by Olivia and says she doesn’t feel it’s currently safe to allow Evelyn to see her – an accusation Olivia denies.

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After listening to Olivia describe Jyllian as “immature, stupid, retarded,” and explain why she believes that Jyllian is an unfit mother, Dr. Phil weighs in.

“I’m not sure the best strategy is to assassinate the character of the mother who has control of the child at this point,” he tells Olivia and Julia. “She has the child. She has control of the child, and you are shooting yourself in the foot here. You can be right, you can be victims, but if what you want is a different outcome, you couldn’t be going about it more of the wrong way if you sat down and decided, ‘I’m going to sabotage myself from the get-go.’”

Dr. Phil continues, “The enemy here is not Jyllian. Jyllian is just a woman who has adopted a baby, and from everything I can see, has done a very good job of raising this child.”

This episode of Dr. Phil, "I Believe My Granddaughter was Illegally Adopted. We Want Her Back!" airs Monday. And on Tuesday, Olivia and Julia face off with Jyllian. Check here to see where you can watch.