Grant’s mom, Wendy, claims he has a history of abusing alcohol and women. And, she says, the problems Grant has now started in childhood. “It started out he was fighting with kids, he’d bring a pocket knife to school, he’d threaten kids,” says Wendy, who says she took Grant to see a specialist when he was 8.

“My mom sent me to foster care because I was out of control,” says Grant who was 9 at the time. Grant acknowledges, he’s always liked chaos in his life. “I like to mess with people.”

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Now, as he’s gotten older, Wendy says, she sees the same problems in Grant - just escalating.

When the family gets together to discuss their problems with Dr. Phil, he tells them, “It’s time to write a new life script.”

Can this couple get their lives – and their relationship – back on track? See the video above, then tune in to Dr. Phil on Tuesday for the conclusion to their gripping story.

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