Todd Herzog was 22 years old when he won the hit show Survivor: China in 2007. He has since had multiple failed attempts at sobriety, and tragically, he recently hit rock bottom again.

WATCH: 'Survivor' Todd Herzog After Relapse: ‘I Don't Want To Die’

"It is very ironic that Todd won the show 'Survivor,'" says his mom, Shirley. "I wish that he knew how to survive in life."

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Herzog's parents turned to Dr. Phil to help save their son's life in 2014. Dr. Phil sent Herzog to rehab, and he returned to the show triumphant, celebrating 112 days of sobriety. But after Herzog left the studio, he returned to his old ways. A year later, Dr. Phil paid him a house call and physically packed Herzog up himself to begin the process of getting him back to sobriety once again.

"You don't know anyone who's working harder to keep you alive than the guy you're looking at right now," Dr. Phil told Herzog before sending him to the recovery centers and professionals at Origins Behavioral Healthcare.

WATCH: Dr. Phil To 'Survivor' Todd Herzog: "You Just Don't Ever Surrender To The Disease"

Get caught up on Herzog's struggle in the video above, and see why it's once again become touch and go for him when he joins Dr. Phil again on Wednesday's episode.

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