From A-list actors to famous comedians and Hall of Fame athletes, Dr. Phil has been spending time with incredible men and women in the top of their fields and recording the conversations for his new podcast, Phil in the Blanks, which launches today with Shaquille O'Neal as Dr. Phil's first guest.

“They all allowed me to peek into their private lives. They shared their most intimate secrets and their embarrassing and defining moments,” Dr. Phil says on Tuesday’s episode of his daytime talk show. “I’m really excited about it because I get to talk to people who I really admire in a new and different way.”

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In the video above, watch some highlights from his podcast. See which celebrity claims his divorce got so nasty that his ex ripped a gazebo out of their backyard and took it to her new home, and who was crying so hard on the job that he couldn’t work.

Tune into Tuesday’s show to see other podcast highlights, including an interview with a very successful celebrity who was once homeless and a phone call away from giving up and moving into his father’s attic.

Phil in the Blanks launches today with Shaquille O'Neal as Dr. Phil's first guest! Episodes are free and each will feature accompanying information on the topics covered on the podcast at Listen and subscribe here.

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