If you think only guilty people confess to crimes, think again. Innocent people are sometimes coerced or lied to until they acquiesce and provide a false confession. And, oftentimes, these innocent people are convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.
Dr. Phil, who had a decades-long career in the litigation arena, says this weighs heavily on him. On Monday’s episode, “Underage and Interrogated,” Dr. Phil examines the cases of Terrill Swift, who claims he was coerced into a false confession at 17 and spent over a decade behind bars, and Brendan Dassey, who was in high school when he was interrogated and remains in prison today for his alleged role in the murder of Tereasa Halbach. 

In the video above, hear Dr. Phil’s powerful message about why every American has the duty to know what is going on in the legal system – and why it’s important to pay as much attention to the innocent lives who are wrongfully behind bars.
This episode airs Monday. Watch more here.

WATCH: Attorney For Brendan Dassey Claims Police Scared Dassey, Lied To Him, And His Confession Was ‘Coerced’