At 15, Samantha says she feels hated and rejected by her stepfather, Iain, who says he blames her for problems in his marriage to her mother, Sandi - and wants the teenager out of the house at the end of the school year. Iain has said that Samantha is “lazy,” “manipulative,” “narcissistic” “fat,” - and a “liar.”

On Friday’s Dr. Phil, The ninth-grader says it’s been hard for her to grow up in an environment where she’s constantly getting negative feedback, and called names. At times, she admits, she’s even contemplated extraordinary measures to escape the situation at home.

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“You didn’t deserve this. You’re a smart girl – you’ve got a lot going on for you,” Dr. Phil tells her in a one-on-one conversation; away from Sandi and Iain.

Tune in to Friday’s episode to hear his additional words of encouragement for the teen. Check your local listing here.

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