Marissa admits that she rebels and says it’s because her mom is too strict. She says she smokes marijuana, drinks, steals her mom’s car, sneaks out, and has even joked about trying to kill her mom – things most teenagers do. The 16-year-old says there’s no way of gaining her mom’s trust, so why should she even try?
Dr. Phil warns Marissa that if she doesn’t change her behavior, she may end up living a life she doesn’t want. “You’re 16, which means everything you do now lands on you … The choices you make now are adult choices,” he says. “You choose the behavior, you choose the consequences.”

Hear more of his advice in the video above.
On Thursday’s episode, "'Last Ditch Attempt to Save My Daughter,'" hear why Marissa’s mom says she’s at her wit’s end. And, Dr. Phil and child behavioral psychologist Dr. Michele Borba share their thoughts about how to save this mother-daughter relationship. Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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