Krystina says her 19-year-old daughter, Samantha, is six months pregnant and worries her daughter and unborn grandchild could both potentially die due to what she calls Samantha’s negligence. She claims Samantha, who is a type 1 diabetic, has been living an out-of-of control life for years – cutting school, smoking and refusing to take her medicine – and she says she’s concerned Samantha’s baby is going to be born with severe disabilities.

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“The endocrinologist has told Samantha that she has the highest risk of death within the next six months because the baby takes so much out of her,” says Krystina, who admits she’s furious with her daughter.

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Samantha, however, says that since she found out she is pregnant, she has been checking her blood sugar eight times a day, has only had one glass of wine and stopped smoking more than a month ago.

“I’m more concerned about this child than anything else now,” she says.

In an effort to determine the health of Samantha’s baby, the Dr. Phil show arranged for Samantha to have an ultrasound. Dr. Travis Stork, host of the Emmy Award-winning show The Doctors, joins Dr. Phil, Samantha and Krystina to analyze the results.

“There’s really no way to sugar coat what’s at stake here with Samantha’s unborn child,” Dr. Travis says. “If you look at the spine and follow it, the lower spine does not extend all the way to the tailbone like you would normally hope or expect, which may signify caudal regression syndrome, which I know you’ve heard that term. That’s when the lower spine does not develop appropriately. That may mean the baby is unable to walk or use its legs. It can also be associated with lower extremity deformities.”

Dr. Stork says that the image of the lower leg suggests that there may be some deformities there as well.

“This is, again, one of those things where until a baby is born you can never say with certainty what is going on,” he says. “It’s heartbreaking.”

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Dr. Phil tells Samantha that it would be in her best interest to be 100 percent compliant with her doctors’ orders. “Get with an OB-GYN, get on an aggressive program of support – whether it’s biochemical support, hormonally, or otherwise – and do everything you can possibly do from this point forward,” he says.

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Watch more here.

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