In November 2012, 14-year-old Dylan Redwine disappeared during a Thanksgiving visit to his father’s home in Colorado.

Dylan’s parents, Mark and Elaine, appeared on Dr. Phil in February 2013, where Elaine said she felt that her ex-husband, Mark, was hiding something about what happened to Dylan.

At that time, Mark – who said he was equally suspicious of Elaine in Dylan’s disappearance – did not take a polygraph he was offered. Four months later, Dylan’s partial remains were discovered 10 miles from Mark’s house.

Mark has been named by authorities as the lone person of interest in Dylan’s death, and in a new interview with Dr. Phil, Elaine claims new evidence has been found as investigators continue to try and figure out what happened to her son.

In the video above, Elaine gives an update on her son’s case and reveals that she is now being sued by Mark. But for what?

If you have any information regarding Dylan Redwine, call the La Plata Country Sheriff’s Department at (970) 382-7511.