Kristen and Carlos say their teenage daughter, Sidney, loved and excelled in women’s lacrosse, which many don’t consider dangerous. Then the high school senior got hit with a stick, sustained her third concussion, and was left with amnesia. Sidney says she has had to relearn everything, including how to walk, who her family members are, and her name.

Carlos says at first, he and Kristen believed they could just re-teach their daughter the things she had forgotten but soon came to understand it wouldn’t be that easy. “We realized the foundation feels like it’s literally in quicksand because you can stack things on top – but they don’t stay,” he says.

Kristen says, “What she does today – she might remember part of this tomorrow. Each day is like starting over.”

Why do Kristen and Carlos say they don’t regret letting Sidney play lacrosse? This episode of Dr. Phil, “Just a Game or Kids at Risk?” And later, Dr. Phil talks to Sidney about her life since the concussion.

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