The year 2020 has seen dozens of viral videos featuring women who have been labeled “Karens” by the public and on social media. Typically, “Karens” are seen as white women who are perceived to be engaging in aggressive, entitled, or racist behaviors. But is the moniker fair?

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Wendy Murphy, an adjunct professor of sexual violence at the New England School of Law and advocate for women’s constitutional rights, says she strongly believes the term “Karen” is deeply misogynistic.

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“My concern is the singling out of women for this special derogatory name,” says Ms. Murphy, noting, “Women aren’t even equal in this country yet, so when I hear anyone call any woman of any color entitled or supreme, it’s just like fingers on a chalkboard.”

“I agree with Wendy when she says that women are a disenfranchised group, historically,” responds Dr. N’Senga Burton, a professor at Emory University in Atlanta, specializing in the intersection of race, class, gender, and sexuality within the media. “However, the idea that all women are the same is false.”

Continuing, Dr. Burton says, “Please don’t pretend that the women who are engaging in some of the most nefarious behavior are not doing something wrong.”

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