Kim says when she adopted her new husband’s 4-year-old son in 2012; he was a “sweet kid.” She says they started realizing he had behavioral issues about a year ago, when she claims the child bit and pinched his baby brother.

“I couldn’t understand why [the child] would want to hurt his younger brother,” says Kody.

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“As his mother, I was really scared about why he would want to do these things,” says Kim.

She says they sent their child to a residential psychiatric treatment center for six months, and what she says they found out was “terrifying.”

Kim claims her adopted son told her, “’I just really want to know what it’s like to kill somebody.’” She claims the boy’s therapist advised them not to let the child back in the house with his younger brother because “he was on a mission to kill him.”

While in treatment, she claims the boy also admitted to killing more than a dozen chickens on the family’s farm.

“I was shocked - I really didn’t know what to think,” says Kody, Kim’s husband father to the boy.

Kim says, “I’m scared that this is a sign of him one day being a serial killer.”

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