Kyle is a self-proclaimed “fertility expert” who claims he has fathered 40 children across 11 states and Mexico and recently took his private donor services international. Kate and Alice, a couple from England, say they’re on their way to becoming parents thanks to Kyle’s genetic contribution.

“We drove down to London, and we met him at a hotel, and he talked us through everything,” says Alice. She says they had a positive pregnancy about two weeks later.

When Dr. Phil asks the couple, “What did you learn about his medical history, background, STDs – that sort of thing?” how do Kate and Alice respond? Watch the video above to find out.

And later, Kyle says one of his favorite parts about being a donor is getting to watch the kids grow up. Watch what happens when he meets one of the children he fathered for the first time.

This episode of Dr. Phil, “30 with 40 Kids – I’m a ‘Fertility Expert!’” airs Thursday. Check your local listing to find out where to watch.

This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

WATCH: ‘I’m Probably The Number One Fertility Expert In The Entire World,’ Says Man Who Claims He’s Fathered 40+ Children

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