Sandy and Casey Parsons, adoptive parents of missing 15-year-old teen Erica Parsons, claim their daughter is not missing. They say she’s alive and well living with her biological paternal grandmother, “Nan.” The couple says they dropped Erica off with Nan on December 17, 2011 for a three-week visit, but claim Erica extended her stay.

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In the video above, Sandy and Casey exclusively tell Dr. Phil about the circumstances the day they dropped Erica off with Nan, including why she didn’t take a suitcase with her for her trip.

“They had purchased all new clothes for her, brand-new clothes with tags, even the coat,” Casey says.

“There wasn’t one single thing in that suitcase that that child considered a personal item?” Dr. Phil questions.

“They were spoiling her,” Sandy says. “They made it look good to her so she didn’t want to come back.”

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