Amanda says she was overwhelmed when she first met her biological father, David, after a DNA test revealed the existence of a half-sister, Elizabeth, who was not related to the man she had been led to believe was her father.

Elizabeth and her older sister, Marie, say David and their mother divorced when they were very young, and they haven’t seen him in close to 30 years.

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“I definitely feel like I missed out and that there’s a void from not knowing my biological father,” says Marie.

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David’s youngest daughter, Jenny, says her older sisters didn’t miss out on anything. She was raised by David and her mother, but claims her parents' relationship wasn’t good and that they are in and out of each other's lives..

“Every day I think about all four of my daughters,” says David.

He claims that until she contacted him, he didn’t know of Amanda’s existence. David says he believed that giving up custody of Marie and Elizabeth was the best decision at the time, and that he and his youngest daughter, Jenny, just grew apart.

Amanda and Jenny meet Elizabeth and Marie for the first time on Thursday’s episode. What happens when David joins them on the Dr. Phil stage?

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