“I would say that my mother is very gullible and naïve,” claims Candice of her mother, Lois. She says she believes that Lois is being catfished, and not for the first time.

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“Within a matter of days of meeting a new man online she shares her entire life story, including photos, and her address and her phone number,” she says, adding, “I’ve told my mom a hundred times that she’s not only putting herself in danger, but her family.”

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“I’m afraid something bad will happen to her,” says Lois’ younger sister, LouAnn. She says she also believes that Lois is being catfished.

“Every time I talk to somebody online, they think it’s a scam,” says Lois of her sister and daughter, adding, “I feel like they need to stay out of my business.”

Lois admits she’s been scammed before, but insists her current beau, “Paul,” – a man she has never met in person – is real. Watch the video above to hear her talk about her relationships with the “men” she’s met online. Plus, find out what role Dr. Phil says confirmation bias could be having in Lois’ refusal to hear her family’s warnings.

Part one of this three-part Dr. Phil airs Monday. Check here to find out where you can watch.

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