Ashley claims she pretended to have a firefighter husband to seem more credible when asking for donations to help support actual firefighters battling wildfires in Southern California.

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Investigated by local authorities but not charged, Ashley adamantly denies allegations that she profited by selling some of the collected items.

WATCH ‘I Donated As Much As I Possibly Could,’ Claims Woman Who Received Contributions While Pretending To Be Married To A Firefighter

Ashley admits the firefighter scheme wasn’t the first time she’s lied. It started, she says, when she pretended to be pregnant in high school.

“I accused someone my mom was seeing of raping me, and (said) that the baby was a product of that,” she says. Ashley admits to faking several pregnancies since.

When Dr. Phil tells her, “Everybody lies. Some people weaponize it,” how does Ashley respond?

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