Marla says she noticed a dramatic change in her son, DJ’s, behavior three years ago, while he was away at college. She and her husband, David, claim DJ talks to people who don’t exist, claims he’s a successful music producer and believes he’s engaged to the singer Rihanna.

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“So, are you engaged?” Dr. Phil asks DJ on Thursday’s episode.

“Everybody thinks that I live in this fantasy land, and everybody thinks that, you know, I am a pretender, but the fact of the matter is, right, you know, I would like to think that if I’m not engaged, I am in love with a beautiful woman that I believe loves me back unconditionally and I am ready to receive the love that she has to offer me.”

When Dr. Phil asks DJ “Are you on drugs?” the 28-year-old says “Absolutely not,” but admits to having tried them in the past.

Does DJ say he’s open to hearing Dr. Phil’s thoughts on how experimenting with drugs may have affected his brain? And how does Dr. Phil respond when DJ asks who he thinks is “more grounded in reality” – him or his parents?

This episode airs Thursday. Check here to find out where you can watch.

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