“Everything makes me angry,” says 14-year-old Tatum. “When I get angry, I break stuff, hit people, cuss. I scream, I threaten. What makes me act out is when people get an attitude with me.”

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The teen is currently living in a juvenile detention facility for violating probation.

“I don’t like when my mom disciplines me because she hasn’t been there all these years, so what makes her think she can just come in and take control again when my grandparents have been there?” Tatum says. “My mom needs to earn my respect again.”

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Tatum, who was raised by her grandparents because her mom spent time on the streets using drugs and in jail, continues, “The one thing I’m really upset about is my mom chose drugs over her child.”

In the video above, the teen opens up about her emotions. And, hear why she says she pushes herself away from her mom.

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14-Year-Old Says Mom Chose Drugs Over Her

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14-Year-Old Says Mom Chose Drugs Over Her