Kathy is a former Miss Michigan who was stripped of her crown and title in 2019 over alleged racist and Islamophobic remarks on social media that she says she made years before she entered the pageant. Today, Kathy claims some students at the university she attends think that they can’t come out as conservative because they don’t want the backlash from others.

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“I don’t want to diminish the fact that coming out as gay is a very difficult thing to do. I completely empathize with that,” she says, “But I think that if you walk into any public space and shout out ‘I’m gay’ versus ‘I’m a Trump supporter’ – you’ll definitely get weirder looks for being a Trump supporter.”

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Kathy claims she was kicked out of her sorority for her political views and – like the pageant – for making online comments that were deemed inappropriate and offensive.

“It’s definitely a pattern,” she says, adding, “Right now in society, the political climate is so toxic and it’s so difficult to talk about your political views, and I think that shouldn’t be the case.”

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