Marc Gafni was an ordained rabbi for many years until, he claims, an Internet “smear campaign” was started to defame him.

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“Anyone who’s trying to do something to change things and who has some life force, people try and take them down,” says Gafni, who is currently president of the Center for Integral Wisdom. “Our goal together is to evolve the source good of culture and to develop new visions of love, new visions of sexuality.”

Gafni says the campaign, which accuses him of having affairs with his students, including teenagers, is a “form of name rape.”

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“When you violate a person’s name, and you falsely call them a child molester, and child rapist, a perpetrator, a sociopath in the public web, you’re essentially moving to destroy them,” Gafni says. “It just drips with malice and breaks my heart. The fact that none of it's true doesn’t matter to anyone. It’s a tragic phenomena of Internet bullying.”

On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear more about the accusations against Gafni and what he has to say about those accusations. Check here to see where you can watch.

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