Tom says he’s currently fighting his ex-wife, Michelle, for custody of their two boys ages three and six. He says he hasn’t seen his children in about six months, and communicating with them has been impossible. “Michelle will not answer texts, emails – that makes me feel very sad that they are losing their father.”

Michelle claims Tom – a former combat medic who she says has been diagnosed with PTSD - is “short-fused and a bully.”

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: In a Custody Battle Nightmare?

“Michelle loves to exaggerate and fabricate,” says Tom, saying she “uses the stigma of PTSD against me to show I’m a violent person.”

She tells everybody that I hit her, that I abused her, and that I hit the children as well,” says Tom.

Tom says his divorce from Michelle has greatly affected their sons. “They’re confused about what is going on with their father.”

When the former spouses meet with Dr. Phil, he tells them the one thing he says he believes is essential for the two of them to make any progress – “insight.” Tune in on On Thursday to see the full episode.

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