When soon-to-be exes Sheri and Tim appeared on Dr. Phil in 2014, Sheri claimed Tim had told her he was a retired doctor, a former professional hockey player, NASCAR driver, Canadian Airforce pilot and a wealthy entrepreneur, when they first met.

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The couple married after dating just four months. Then, a month after the wedding, said Sheri, she began to suspect Tim was cheating; and soon after, she claimed, his “web of lies” unraveled.

Sheri said she learned that Tim had previously operated a pain management clinic in Texas — without a medical license and under a different name — and claims he served time in prison for embezzling nearly $30,000 from the parent company that owned the clinic.

Tim adamantly denied Sheri’s allegations, calling his future ex-wife’s claims “unfounded.”

Did Sheri ever see Tim again after their appearance?

“He, unfortunately - after the show - met his end,” says Sheri. “I guess somebody wasn’t too happy with how he was dealing with them, so he is no longer with us, and that means that no one else can ever be hurt – or financially or emotionally destroyed by that man.

Tune in to Wednesday’s Dr. Phil  to learn how Sheri says she’s moved on with her life.

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