Pamela claims her ex-husband, Pete, a former Catholic priest and licensed counselor, divorced her in 2014 in order to marry Lori, a massage therapist whom he met on a couples’ retreat - which Pamela says she was told she couldn’t attend.

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“I asked, ‘can we not go together? Can we not come up with someone to help take care of the children?’ He said he would go because he could probably get part of it paid for because he could contribute to some activity at the retreat and therefore get his price reduced. So I wasn’t invited.”

Pamela says that she handled their financial matters and claims that when Pete came home from the retreat, he told her to make payments to Lori. She claims he told her he would be seeing Lori as both a massage therapist and a “life-coach” - and that she would be helping him with his business.

“So your theory is she coached him right out of the house?” asks Dr. Phil on Monday’s episode.

“Exactly,” she says.

But Pete disputes Pamela’s characterization of these events and offers his own account of what happened and why.

Pete and Lori claim that he and Pamela were separated at the time they started seeing one another and that Pamela tried to make it look like he was cheating.

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