Mark currently lives in his car which he parks in a big box store parking lot overnight. He says he used to drive for a ridesharing company, but couldn’t continue after he was in a few car accidents. He admits that his parents have helped him financially over the years as he struggles to get by.

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His parents, Lynne and Harv, say they don’t believe their son is living to his potential and wonder if his behavior is the result of brain damage caused by using drugs as a teen or if he’s suffering from ADD.

“Once you start doing drugs, your emotional development is arrested at that point,” Dr. Phil tells the family on Friday’s episode. “Emotionally, his evolution stopped when he started doing drugs.”

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However, Dr. Phil says there is hope for Mark. He introduces Dr. Frank Lawlis, Chairman of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board and Director of the Lawlis Peavey PNP Center, who suggests performing a brain scan on Mark and then addressing his cognitive function.

Dr. Phil also introduces Coach Mike Bayer, a life coach who focuses on helping clients break free of their destructive patterns, author of Best Self: Be You, Only Better, and the director of CAST Centers, who shares how he believes he can help Mark.

“It’s about how do we work together to create a structure, accountability and to work with you – not tell you what to do – but work with you to devise a plan to improve your life, that you deserve,” Coach Mike tells Mark.

Hear more of the experts’ advice in the video above.

This episode airs Friday. Watch more here.

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