When President Biden announced a three-part targeted debt relief plan to address the burden of growing college costs and to make the student loan system more manageable for working families by forgiving some student loans, a nationwide debate ensued.
One point of contention is who will pay for the outstanding loans.

Charlie Eaton, economic sociologist, professor at UC Merced, and author of Bankers in the Ivory Tower, and Neal McCluskey, who has a PhD in public policy, is the Director at the CATO Institute’s Center for Educational Freedom, and is the author of Unprofitable Schooling, share their thoughts in the video above.
Is President Biden’s plan raising living standards or adding fuel to inflation? Helping lower-income Americans or supporting the rich? Hear the experts debate on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Student Loan Forgiveness: Worth It or Raw Deal?” Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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