Joel says he played in the 2008 Basketball World Championships, representing Team USA, which was sponsored by a multi-billion-dollar sporting goods and apparel corporation. Then, in the summer of 2019, a white female manager at one of that company’s retail stores falsely accused him, a Black American, of stealing a $12.00 basketball and flagged down police. Joel says he was heartbroken.

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“That ball was really significant to me because that paid my way through college,” says Joel, who produced a receipt and proved to police that he had not stolen the item.

WATCH: Black Couple Claims They Felt Racially Profiled By White Manager At A Sporting Goods Store

“They’ve made billions of dollars off of the backs of people that look like me,” he continues, asking, “What are you planning to do to change the infrastructure of your company so people like me can feel safe?”

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