Police say Shannon Ivey was murdered sometime in 2016, but his body was not found until 2018. His family, however, says they had no idea Shannon had died.

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“My son, Lance, was receiving emails for approximately two years, emails that he thought were coming from his father,” says Melanie, Shannon’s ex-wife. “When his stepmom, Toni, died, the emails suddenly stopped.”

She says that after Toni’s death, Shannon’s body was found wrapped in a rug, mummifying. 
“I believe Toni shot Shannon in the back of the head, put him in her storage facility, and left him there for two years,” Melanie says. “As soon as they found the body, we knew the emails were fake, that there was foul play involved.”

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Now, she says Lance is “traumatized” by his father’s murder. “Lance is having a really hard time moving on. He is very withdrawn. Lance is using video games as an escape, almost like a drug to not have to deal with his grief,” she says. “Lance has made it his mission and his full-time job to find out exactly what happened. There’s so much noise going on in his head.”
Lance’s aunt and Shannon’s sister, Heather, says she is haunted by the image of her brother lying dead for all those months in a cold, dark storage unit. She says her obsession is driving her to find answers.  
Hear more in the video above, including why the women say they believe Toni killed Shannon. And, on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Lance shares why he is riddled with guilt about his father’s death. Check here to see where you can watch.