Sisters Charlie and Hannah say in the last five years, their mother’s behavior has changed dramatically. They claim that after her husband died, Teresa lost more than 100 pounds, started drinking and partying, dates many men simultaneously and is spending money recklessly. They claim she buys new clothes instead of paying bills, has sent money to men she’s met online and has taken nearly $7,000 from her granddaughter’s benefit fund.

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“The government is supposed to send money to my mom, and then she’s supposed to give it to her grandchild. But she was keeping the money,” Hannah claims.

Charlie adds, “Social Security gave her a deadline to pay the money back, and she hasn’t made that deadline.”

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Teresa, however, says her daughters' claims are entirely untrue, and she didn’t steal any money. Hear her explanation for where the missing cash is in the video above. And on Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Charlie, Hannah, and their aunt Debbie, Teresa’s sister, describe Teresa’s alleged behaviors that they say have them concerned. What does Teresa have to say? And on Tuesday, Dr. Phil producers investigate one of Teresa’s online loves. Find out what they discover. Check here to see where you can watch.

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