Jerica, a recovering drug addict, says her parental rights were terminated in 2012 and that’s when Kim, the new wife of Jerica’s ex-husband, Kody, adopted her (then) 4-year-old son.

She says the boy, who is now eight, was recently sent to stay with her when Kim told her she could no longer handle him.

In the video above, Jerica says she feels her son is being used as a pawn by Kody and Kim because she claims Kim doesn’t like her. “I feel like they’re trying to punish me – and they’re punishing him.” Jerica says she wants her parental rights restored.

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“The bottom line is – I am [the child’s] mother, and it’s my job to protect him,” counters Kim.

On Thursday’s Dr. Phil, family law attorney Atousa Saei addresses Jerica, Kim and Kody, weighing in on the unusual child custody dynamic. “None of you, for one moment – one moment – are talking about the best interests of this child.”

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