Neighbors Hector Campos and Ana Weed reportedly got into an altercation in their driveways on January 24, 2017 that ended in Weed dying after being shot in the heart by Campos. Campos, who says that he shot Weed in self-defense, says tensions had been rising between the two since he learned Weed helped his wife return to Mexico with their baby daughter and since she and her husband had allegedly threatened him with violence.

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On the day of the shooting, Campos says he saw Weed outside and asked her where his wife was. He claims Weed’s dogs then came at him and as he was trying to shoo them away, Weed tried to knock him over. Campos, who says he often went outside armed especially since he says he felt threatened by Weed and her husband, says he grabbed his gun and shot at Weed.

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“She had some sort of, a length of a rope, a tape, something in her hand and after she pushed me the second time she was coming at trying to get that on myself,” Campos claims. “When I stumbled back and she came at me again, that’s when I drew my firearm from the holster … I didn’t aim. I just wanted the threat to stop, so I just aimed at center mass her direction.”

He says he then went inside and called an ambulance.

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Weed’s family has a completely different theory of the events leading up to her death. They claim Campos went back inside to get the gun after a disagreement began. In the video above from an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil airing Wednesday, Weed’s husband and mother recall the final moments of their loved one.

“Here’s where I found my wife after I heard the gunshot,” Weed’s husband, Scott, says pointing to the spot. “She didn’t know that I was there. She was dying; It was that fast. I had my gun, I had it pointed to his head. I could have pulled the trigger.”

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Weed’s mother Virginia adds, “He killed my daughter, and we need justice for my daughter because he murdered her.”

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Watch more here.

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