Grace claims her 21-year-old sister, Ashlan, is a “bad mother” who would rather party and hunt for ‘Sugar Daddies’ online than take care of her baby. She and her mother, Pam, who is caring for Grace’s 14-month-old son, claim Ashlan ignores and neglects her son and has even cursed at him, claims which Ashlan denies.

“Ashlan is a whole big ol’ bucket of crazy,” says Grace. “Ashlan is one of the most irresponsible people I’ve ever met”

Grace claims Ashlan works as a stripper – not to pay for diapers or formula – but to embarrass her family.

“She’s doing it as a lifestyle,” Grace says.

Grace claims Ashlan has relied on their mother to raise her child and says that sometimes she wonders if Ashlan even wants her son.

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“The extent of Ashlan’s parenting goes as far as a selfie,” Grace says. “She likes that image of being the dutiful, struggling, single parent. But there is no struggle because there is no parent.”

Ashlan says that she is a good mother and is only trying to do what’s best for her son. “Me and my son are so tight. We have a close bond,” Ashlan says. “I do pay for things for my son.”

However, the women’s mother, Pam, claims Ashlan goes missing for days without seeing her son and that when she does show up, she causes nothing but drama.

“I am very much afraid to leave him with Ashlan because I don’t know what her behavior is going to be like. Ashlan does not hesitate to scream at him, yell at him,” Pam says. “My grandson doesn’t even know the word Mommy.”

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Turning to Dr. Phil for help, Pam says, “This is just destroying our entire family. I’ve begged her to just be a mother to him. If Ashlan does not step up, I would definitely adopt him.”

On Friday's show, sparks fly when Ashan confronts Pam and Grace. Is there hope for this family to come together for the sake of this child? Check here to see where you can watch.