Ariane and her sister-in-law Amanda claim their family was torn apart by the organization Love Has Won. Ariane says her husband found the group online and went to Colorado to join them in what Amanda calls a spiritual mission.

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“When my husband got there, he was put to work. They have rigid schedules with minimum amount of sleep allowed,” Ariane claims. “My husband was there for two days, and during the livestream, they mentioned that he had been left on the wrong side of the mountain, that his energy was not compatible with them.”
Ariane says that’s when they realized something was wrong, and the family called the police. “I was thinking that my husband was dead,” she says.

WATCH: Woman Claims Husband Is Victim Of Spiritual Group Love Has Won
In the video above, find out how Ariane’s husband – Amanda’s brother – was found and what his condition was. And, hear what the women say they have learned about Love Has Won.
On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Amy, the leader of Love Has Won, and some of her devoted followers. Plus, find out what a cult expert says about Amy and the group. Check here to see where you can watch.

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According to media reports, “Mother God” - the spiritual leader of the group “Love Has Won” - was found dead and mummified in a mobile home in their Colorado headquarters on Wednesday, April 28. Amy Carlson, 45, reportedly had been dead for weeks, was in a sleeping bag and adorned with Christmas tree lights, glitter makeup and her eyes were missing. Seven group members have been taken into custody.