Arielle says she used heroin for over a decade and understands that her drug habit has helped damage her family. On Monday’s Dr. Phil, “Running on Empty: A Broken Family, Part 1,” Arielle’s parents, Donna and Ivy, and her younger siblings, Elle and Michael, came together to discuss the specifics of how Arielle’s dependency issues combined with Donna’s alleged enabling have impacted the entire family.

“Having Dr. Phil here gives my family the grounds to start the process to communicate better,” said Arielle after the taping.

Ivy said, “I am absolutely 100% prepared to come back tomorrow to finish this journey.”

Before taping wrapped, Dr. Phil gave the family an assignment asking each of them to write two pages of “the story I will tell myself if I don’t create value from this opportunity.” Four out of the five family members completed it.

Watch the video above to hear why Ivy says he opted out. How does Donna respond after her husband walks off stage? Will he return? Tune in Tuesday for “Running on Empty: A Broken Family, Part 2” and see!

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