Theresa claims her 16-year-old daughter, Tessa, has physically attacked family members including her, Tessa’s grandmother, Bonnie, and her twin brother, Tyler.  

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Tessa’s aunt, Tracey, claims that part of the problem is Theresa’s parenting. She claims there would be fewer problems with Tessa “If Theresa didn’t leave her kids by themselves and go out of town.”

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“I have seen Theresa discipline my granddaughter,” says Bonnie, adding, “She’d smack her. Sometimes she’d pull her hair, and she’d be yelling at her while she was doing it.”

Continuing, she says, “There’s no reason to keep disciplining a kid when the kid has already got the point.”

Theresa says she is “sick and tired” of people blaming her for being a bad parent. She says she’s frustrated and has “had enough” from Tessa, who she claims lies, steals, is disrespectful, destructive, and “out of control.”

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Tessa denies it. She says she feels hurt and abandoned by her mother, who has sent her to stay with her grandmother and voluntarily placed her in foster care in the past. “I wish you would stop throwing me place-to-place and expecting other people to pick up the mess that you created,” she tells Theresa.

“One of the things I’m interested in is whether you two can communicate without yelling and interrupting,” Dr. Phil tells the pair in the conclusion of this two-part episode airing Friday

Watch the video above to see what happens when he guides them through a face-to-face exercise to help them learn how to speak- and listen - to each other. 

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