Ralph is convinced his relationship of 10 months with “Louise” is genuine, but his son, Dan, and daughter-in-law, Laura, are sure that the 80-year-old widower is being taken advantage of.

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“My father-in-law had met a woman online from Alabama, living in Germany, and that just threw up so many red flags for me,” says Laura. She estimates Ralph has given “Louise” between $130,000 and $160,000 over the past several months.

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“Louise” has told Ralph she’s stuck in Germany because first, her visa expired and then, she was accused of espionage. Ralph says she told him she can’t get out unless she pays a series of fees to the German government.

“My wife called the German embassy. They said things didn’t work that way,” says Dan, noting that Ralph has drained his retirement savings to help “Louise.”

“It’s very upsetting because my dad has always been very smart with money,” he continues. Ralph insists “Louise” is honest and says he doesn’t believe he’s being scammed. What other expenses does he say she’s asked him to pay?

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