Barbara says she can’t wait for her online boyfriend, “David Chris Jr.”, to come home from Nigeria where she says he’s stuck dealing with “business issues.”

After meeting online on a supposed financial advising page, Barbara and "David" began talking, and now, Barbara says she is looking forward to life with "David", who she says promised the couple would retire together to his lavish lakeside home in Michigan when he returns.

However, Barbara’s daughters and granddaughter say they believe this will never happen because "David" doesn’t exist. In fact, they believe Barbara is being used as a “money mule” by a "con man."

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“I really didn’t think my grandma could do something so stupid,” granddaughter Alicia says.

Not only has Barbara sent "David" approximately $5,000 of her own money in the year they’ve been speaking, but her family claims she may have also been laundering funds for this man unknowingly.

Barbara – who was enticed by a photo of a man whom she believed was “David Chris Jr.” -- says she gave "David" her bank account information, and since then, her family says other individuals are depositing money into her account, which "David" then asks her to send to him in Nigeria.

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At one point, the police even questioned Barbara.

“One day a detective from the police department showed up at my door. The detective said he was investigating accusations of money being transferred to Nigeria,” Barbara says. “I promised the detective I was only helping out my boyfriend.”

Barbara says she hasn’t been charged with any crimes, but her family fears she’s being used as an accomplice to a possibly illegal scheme.

“Whoever this David guy really is, is nothing but a con artist,” Alicia adds. “I’m terrified that my grandma is going to go to jail.”

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“When my mother told me about the police investigation, I was furious. Mortified that it has come this far,” her daughter Kathy says. “I’m angry. This man has completely come in and taken over my mom’s life. My mother needs to understand that David does not exist! That there is no David.”

Watch the video above as Barbara’s daughters and granddaughter confront her about being involved in what they believe may be criminal activity without her knowledge.