Allen says he has always been close to his daughter, Megan, who he says he raised as a single dad from the time she was 10.

But now, Allen claims Megan is trying to cut him out of her life – and he thinks Megan’s husband, Jim, might be to blame.

“I would describe Jim as arrogant, self-centered,” Allen says. “Jim is a very hot-headed type person. Jim has expressed his anger at me a couple times.”

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Jim denies Allen’s allegations that he is a “controlling person” and says he doesn’t want Allen around his wife or their children, in part, due to Allen’s past legal problems. But
Allen claims it’s Jim’s controlling nature that is keeping him away from his daughter and his grandkids.

“I haven’t seen my grandkids or my daughter Megan in almost two years. That shows the character of the man, Jim,” Allen says. “Jim is the one behind the scenes that has told my daughter not to talk to me … He restricts her behavior in many ways. He’s taken her cell phone for days on end … He has eliminated everybody in my daughter’s life who might have some influence over her. “

Megan says she has good reasons for cutting her father out of her life, which she says she explained to him in a 10-page letter she wrote to him on social media, Allen says he’s still unclear why his daughter doesn’t want him in her family’s lives.

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“I really don’t have any idea why they would just stop talking to me and why I am not allowed to see my grandchildren,” he adds. “I want my family back.”

Can Dr. Phil help this feuding family find peace so Jim might have a relationship with his daughter and grandkids again? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Watch more here.